Bridal & Special Occasions


Wedding photos aren’t just reminders of a special day. They become iconic images in family history.

SAAB Salon Spa’s bridal hair and makeup experts will help you to embody your unique beauty, style, and individuality so it transcends generations.

We will create the hair and makeup looks that you envision for you and your wedding party. Be our guest in our elegant salon space.

Consult with a SAAB Salon Spa bridal expert to achieve the bridal look that will present you at your most captivating — for now and for the future.

Bridal Style - Trial
Frank Saab$185+
Bridal Style - Wedding Day
Frank Saab$210+
(priced only upon consultation)
Bridesmaid Style / Event Style
Frank Saab
Bridal Makeup - Wedding Day
Frank Saab
Bridesmaid Makeup Application
Frank Saab
StandardFrank Saab
Bridal Style - Trial$150+$185+
Bridal Style - Wedding Day$175+$210+
(priced only upon consultation)
Bridesmaid Style / Event Style$150+
Bridal Makeup - Wedding Day$105+
Bridesmaid Makeup Application$75+


Artists will personalize your makeup application to best suit your features and skin tone with colors and techniques that enhance your natural beauty.

Personalize Makeup Application$75+
Customized Makeup Application Lesson$105+